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Job Title: Air Freight Operations Supervisor

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: - Manage the process and delivery of cargo transported by Airplanes, trucks and tractor-trailers - Monitor freight conditions, delivery status and customer concerns.

- They strive to meet production goals by planning employee schedules and taking care of other administrative functions.

- - Interface with customers, drivers and other employees on a daily basis, so he must be able to maintain good interpersonal relationships.

- - Analyse the operations processes and coordinates with sales and customer service departments to maximize the number of jobs being handled.

- Coordinate the movement of cargo from origin to foreign destination including the logistics of moving the cargo itself; the creation of documents to facilitate the movement; dealing with the customer service requirements of the shipper or their agent.

- - Responsible for all aspects of moving import/export cargo from origin to destination inclusive of the customer service responsibilities.

- - Work with Pricing Analyst and Sales in passing information that is pertinent to bother departments with the goal of increasing sales - Prepare of Inbound Entries - Create airway bill to facilitate the movement of cargo from Egypt or to Egypt.

- Handle all of the customer service requirements in dealing with the shipper, supplier, consignee and any other agents or forwarders involved in the shipment.

- Ensure that all airway bill to be audited to ensure that the correct rates populated our airway bill - Create cargo on hand reports and transmission of such reports to customers to keep them advised of their inventory - Create Shipper’s Export Declarations on behalf of those shippers requiring such.

- QUALIFICATIONS: - Education: Bachelor Degree or equivalent preferably in Transport/Logistics Management - Years of experience: 5-8 years of experience in the Logistics field with excellent ability to work within a software system designed for LCL/FCL logistics, make good and timely decisions, provide excellent Customer Service skills; likes or in stressful situations & work across departmental lines with other areas such as Warehouse Operations.

- Carrier Customer Service departments and equipment management departments - Computer skills: MS Office, Excel, Power Point - Language skills: Excellent English is essential, Good verbal and written communication skills and Ability to speak and understand English with clarity
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