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Job Title: Head of Engineering Dept

Job responsibilities: Responsible for all Engineering operations of the facility at various stages of execution from Conceptual Design, through Construction and Commissioning to Equipment purchasing and operation.

- Develop standard engineering documents associated with all project phases including but not limited to: User requirement specifications Process and design narratives Utility and process flow diagrams PIDs Equipment specifications and datasheets Equipment lists Instrument lists Line lists Sequence of operations Controls descriptions Startup and commissioning documentation HAZOP documentation Mass and energy calculations Bid tabulations Verify the correct implementation of the systems as designed and compliance with applicable standards.

- Reinforce and maintain an atmosphere of safety and a commitment to design excellence and QbD principles.

- Set-up and maintain occupational and environmental safety measures, monitor & assess facility staff compliance to them.

- Responsible for all maintenance operations in the facility.

- Set-up & follow-up the execution of VMP, Maintenance, Calibration, and Qualification plans in coordination with QA dept.

- Responsible for all SAT, FAT, IQ, OQ & PQ processes in coordination with QA dept.

- Directly contact and deal with all vendors of different facility installations & services, production machinery and lab equipment.

- Qualifications and Skills: [removed] or higher degree in Mechanical Engineering.

- 5-7 years’ experience in process engineering in pharmaceutical and/or biotech industry sectors is required.

- Ability to manage others and be part of an effective team is a must.

- Proactive attitude, ambition and confidence to achieve aggressive goals is necessary for success in this position.

- Proficient in using Microsoft office and project management programs.

- Must be self-motivated, goal- and detail-oriented.

- Flexible and adaptable to changing work environment.

- Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and manage time efficiently.

- Able to foster team relationship values.

- Capable of preserving confidential or sensitive information.

- Should be confident, humble and self-aware craving new challenges.

- Good communication & negotiation skills.

- Good command of English.

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