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Job Title: Principle Software Engineer - BackEnd

In this role, you will work on our core components, implementing the vision of self-service SOA infrastructure within Cequens Platform experiencing exponential growth, rapid and continues products/features rollouts.

- You will join a high-impact, multi-talented, cross function engineering team/tribe/squad and will be responsible for developing a suite of scalable, resilient and secure services and micro services underlying all of our products.

- You will be implementing globally available, resilient and highly performance services handling millions of transactions.

- You will make key technical decisions and design choices, as well as writing amazing code, and you’ll provide advice and support to more junior engineers.

- We expect and encourage you to learn, grow and take on ever more ambitious challenges as the company and team scales.

- This role is as technically demanding as it gets; if you’re interested in tackling a real challenge.

- Key responsibilities: Create, maintain, own and operate your team’s services that supporting fundamental capabilities within Cequens Platform products family.

- Deliver high-quality software features that meet coding and design patterns best practices.

- Work closely with engineering manager, architect and business teams to solve challenging problems.

- Conduct code review created by junior and senior engineers and provide actionable coaching.

- In-depth analysis of code identifies anti-patterns and provide an improvement plan.

- Develop code that supports a fully automated DevOps process.

- Drive continuous improvement of our DevOps processes by identifying opportunities and acting upon them.

- Tackle some of the most challenging problems you can face developing high availability services in a distributed cloud environment that needs to scale exponentially.

- Help evaluate and choose emerging technologies, new service protocols and architectures, self-healing capabilities, globally distributed caching, performance and code quality tooling, etc.

- Determine the right tool for the right task.

- Write high quality, maintainable code with extensive test coverage in a fast-paced startup environment with tight schedules.

- Manage resolving high urgent live/production issues and ad-hoc requests in the most efficient way.

- Requirements Ideally: Node JS.

- You are a rock-solid Node JS developer and use it regularly.

- You know how to apply best practices in Node Js.

- Databases.

- You’re comfortable with relational and non-relational databases, replication schemes to enable high availability with failover.

- Telecom Stack/Protocols.

- You're comfortable with using telecom development stacks JAIN SLEE, SIGTRAN, TCAP, MAP, SIP, SMPP.

- Testing.

- You are passionate about quality and can engineer it at all stages of software development.

- You can design and develop a quality pipeline requiring as little human intervention as possible.

- Agile.

- You are an expert in practical aspects of running Scrum (or other agile methodologies) within a team and in a distributed cross-team environment.

- You know how to ship rapidly and frequently.

- Internet-scale services.

- You understand scalability challenges and performance of server-side code.

- You can design and develop horizontally scalable, resilient and high-performance REST services.

- Microservices, Serverless, CI/CD & Containerization.

- Candidate requirements: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Engineering from a recognized university.

- 6+ years of hands-on software engineering experience in one or more of the following - C#, Java, JavaScript, python, c++ or any other modern backend-end technology.

- Hands-on experience in a DevOps organization using popular tools and frameworks Proven knowledge and experience in applying design pattern best practices Proven track record in independently delivering high-quality software Solid knowledge of programming principles, object-oriented programming and design.

- Linux as a super user: You can operate over Linux and administer it professionally.

- Knowledge of REST standards and how to build RESTful services using [removed] Deep knowledge with the HTTP protocol, with the ability to build an http web server using native [removed] (without using helper libraries nor frameworks).

- The ability to manage and mentor a team of other seniors and juniors to fulfill their tasks.

- The ability to design and build highly scalable systems with different distributed architectural styles like: “Service Oriented Architecture”, “Event-Driven Architecture”, “Microservices Architecture”, “Functionless (Lambda) Architecture”.

- Knowledge/Experience of In-memory caching technologies.

- Knowledge/Experience of message queuing systems, protocols, and technologies.

- Knowledge/Experience with Express is a high plus.

- Experience working with any Cloud Platform, preferably AWS specially services like (S3, Lambda, Dynamo & Streams) is a great plus.

- Experience with .

- NET [removed], .

- NET Core [removed] is a plus.

- Shell Scripting is a plus.

- Knowledge of VOIP technologies and protocol stack (like: SIP, RTP, RTCP) is a great plus.

- Knowledge/experience of any full stack communications platform as a service (CPaaS) ex:Restcomm is great plus.

- Experience with SaaS products is a plus.

- Knowledge of networking is a plus Knowledge of SOLID principles is a plus.

- Benefits Attractive pay package Mobile allowance Transportation allowance Personal loans Flexible hours Medical insurance Social activities Training & development Profit Cequens Team We believe in choosing the best calibers and assisting them in continuing to develop their potential and qualifications.

- A good working environment, the right motivation and great teamwork is the way we use to successfully achieve our goals.

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