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Job Title: Quality Team Leader

We are looking for a “Quality Team Leader” who is responsible to manage processes and personnel to conduct quality assurance testing, typically within a software development organization or department.

- In this role, the QC team lead develops effective and efficient methods, maintains documentation throughout the QC & QA process, and communicates with development teams to provide a reliable, consistent, and positive end-user experience.

- Main Responsibilities Define and develop test strategies, test plans, test architectures, test environments, and test cases to ensure that the testing processes validate the product objective and software requirements.

- Own feature testing and be accountable for delivering high-quality software.

- Identify and analyze issues and write detailed bug reports.

- Set the QC & QA processes, procedures, and implementing best practices.

- Coordinate and run test automation, write and/or modify test scripts to maximize regression test.

- Work in close collaboration with QC team, developers, design team to create test strategies.

- Execute test strategies and communicate clear issues, risks, and overall quality.

- Continuously strive to improve processes to improve quality and efficiency.

- Anticipates how the end user will use the product and suggests enhancements accordingly.

- Conduct training sessions on quality control activities.

- Coach and help develop team members.

- Facilitate problem solving and collaboration.

- Serve as a focal point to communicate and resolve interface and integration issues with other teams.

- Requirements Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field, or equivalent work experience.

- 4+ years of software quality assurance experience.

- Extensive experience with various types of testing including API, web, and mobile testing.

- Excellent communication, organizational, and analytical skills.

- Detail oriented and reliable.

- Ability to work collaboratively as well as independently, with minimal supervision.

- Strong understanding of backend system infrastructure and program design.

- Hands on experience in scripting languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Nginx, database, ….

- Hands-on experience using mobile development tools such as Xcode, Android Studio, etc.

- Hands-on experience with cloud and virtualization technologies such as AWS or Google Cloud.

- Strong understanding of network security and software performance measurement.

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