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Job Title: TE Relations Manager

Job Purpose This role profile is responsible to engage Telecom Egypt and strengthen Etisalat Misr position, achieve its corporate objectives, and establish a preferential treatment.

- Set and lead Etisalat Misr strategy with Telecom Egypt while managing National Roaming, VFNO, ADSL, Infrastructure, Sharing, Terminations Rates, Traffic, and disputes with Telecom Egypt given the current market dynamics.

- Fully manage the Telecom Egypt financial obligations and rights ([removed]: Upon forming the necessary contracts) amounting approximately EGP [removed] annually.

- This entails the following: Telecom Egypt National Roaming Revenue.

- Etisalat Misr Transmission and Infrastructure’s Cost.

- Telecom Egypt Local Interconnection Revenue Main Responsibilities: Develop and communicate strategies to promote the execution of any project with Telecom Egypt before the other competitors Facilitate the process with Telecom Egypt network teams concerning the availability of HSDSL & ADSL over local loop and MSAN.

- Support in all operational issue relevant to the Fixed Voice service launching in order to Enhance Time to Market Ensure the smooth communication between Etisalat Misr and Telecom Egypt concerning the financials, technical and contractual aspects.

- Support in identifying the potential revenue streams and cost efficiencies in the operations with Telecom Egypt.

- Act in depth with the technical teams to identify the gaps in the operations while dealing with Telecom Egypt.

- Support to control the current backlog in MSAN activations to enhance the Time to Market Manage Telecom Egypt direct cost; OpEx of EGP 500 Million and spotting cost saving opportunities.

- Negotiate & Facilitate the contracts, with Telecom Egypt, for High Speed Internet, Transmission & Fiber to the Site Solve the current outstanding contract disputes, with Telecom Egypt, to assure 0 EGP fines.

- Manage a successful and positive relationship with the Telecom Egypt that would leverage and maximize benefit to Etisalat Misr’s licenses and better terms for fulfilling its financial obligations.

- Maintain a win-win relationship with Telecom Egypt to ensure a well-designed and profitable termination rates for Etisalat Misr.

- Periodically review financial obligations, in all contracts with Telecom Egypt, and rights of Etisalat Misr and the ways to rationalize them to provide saving opportunities.

- Develop case studies, in collaboration with Etisalat Group, regarding different models, in Telecom Egypt relations, to advocate its effectiveness and persuade them for Etisalat Misr’s benefit.

- Create robust recommendation, regarding relation with Telecom Egypt, to the different stakeholders in a way that ensures Etisalat Misr’s integrity in the current market landscape.

- Sustain continuous successful relations with various Telecom Egypt that would ensure the best interest to Etisalat Misr.

- Regularly review the internal Effective Price Per Minute and Effective Price Per Giga Byte along with the impact on the charges of the services incorporated in the National Roaming agreement.

- Continuously review termination rates with Telecom Egypt that in return will give Etisalat Misr pricing edge to customers.

- Alleviate the impact of fees/liabilities increases to the business by effective lobbying.

- Study Telecom Egypt related issues and strategies like liberalization policies, Costing Models, licensing regimes, market power/dominance, benchmarking, Universal Service Obligation etc.

- & Assess the current processes, corresponding practices & systems.

- Keep abreast of Telecom framework developments worldwide ([removed]: Along with GSMA, Etisalat Misr Consultants and Etisalat Group RAD) while cascade these views to the top management.

- Help to implement and execute the Strategies Toward Telecom Egypt, Initiatives and Operational targets.

- ([removed]: to ensure that Telecom Egypt affairs-related matters are considered and appropriately reflected ) & identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

- Conduct business and technical analytics, to manage Telecom Egypt dynamics and negotiate all relevant issues showing the impacts of running agreements and TRA agenda at national and international level.

- Review the fulfilment of Etisalat Misr’s technical and financial obligations stipulated by contracts and agreements.

- Continuously work with the Technical team to formulate and implement innovative solutions to solve National Roaming network deficiencies in an economic sense to Etisalat Misr and to cater Telecom Egypt rising demand Lead a cross function team to create a log of all Telecom Egypt contractual issues to continuously monitor compliance along with all the current contract obligations.

- Interface with competitors, in all matters related to Telecom Egypt and ongoing operations management to lobby to persuade the external entities, solve the common disputes and set common agreements.

- Understand the financial implications on Etisalat Misr of current and potential policies, procedures and market moves & Ensure Etisalat Misr rights and organization’s interests are protected.

- Manage any rising risk with Telecom Egypt & Deliver comprehensive and convincing recommendations throughout the company relevant to this risk & properly address all forms of Financial correspondences received from Telecom Egypt in order to ensure the optimum handling and efficiency.

- Essential Qualifications and Experience University Degree.

- Minimum 10 years’ Experience Area of experience: Telecommunication field.

- Very Good Analytical Skills.

- Very Good Problem Solving skills.

- Very Good Business Sense Skills.

- Advanced presentation and communication skills.

- Good Experience in Handling cross functional activities between different teams / Departments ([removed]: Technical, Finance, Marketing, … etc).

- Previous Experience in setting Business Cases.

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