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Job Title: Terms of Reference (ToRs) Consultancy for evaluation of Year one of StARS’ Project

Terms of Reference (ToRs) Consultancy for evaluation of Year one of StARS’ project “Strengthening the capacities of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) serving migrants in Egypt.

- 1.

- Purpose of Assignment The purpose of the consultancy is to provide an independent evaluation of the first year of implementation of the StARS’s “Strengthening the capacities of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) serving migrants in Egypt “ project.

- The consultant hired under these ToRs will be responsible for assessment of the project against objectives and indicators and the drafting of a report with findings and recommendations to strengthen the implementation of the project.

- 2.

- Background Egypt is a destination, transit and origin country of migration.

- Protection and livelihood gaps for migrants are poorly addressed at the national and local levels.

- Migrants face many challenges related to basic needs ([removed] housing, health care, and education), protection (psychosocial and legal support) and livelihood opportunities.

- The term migrant includes refugees, asylum seekers, new arrivals in the “pre-refugee status determination phase”, (all nationalities identified by UNHCR) and vulnerable migrants residing in Egypt.

- Migrants from different communities refer to CBOs to respond to their basic needs.

- These organizations have the greatest knowledge of community needs, the highest amount of community trust, and the most culturally and linguistically competent staff.

- The services they provide include child and adult education, psychosocial, emergency assistance, support and referral services related to financial, medical, psychosocial and legal services.

- Some CBOs have created entire educational centers and medical clinics.

- However, the majority of CBOs suffer from weak operational and institutional capacities, have a high personnel turnover, and often possess insufficient financial and managerial skills.

- They also lack recognition, funding and direct access to donors, INGOs and UN agencies.

- This three- year long project (1 December 2019 – 30 November 2021) is addressing these gaps through a dual approach of (1) Capacity development - strengthening and developing the institutional and operational capacities of CBOs in migrant communities able to provide sustainable services to a larger segments of migrants (2) Networking linkages among CBOs – to become a stronger community of CBOs, allow collaboration in services such as referrals, and unifying their voices to reach the international donors and UN organizations.

- The network will work at two levels, advocacy with INGOs and the UN, and service complementarity between CBOs.

- By the end of phase 2, CBOs will become part of the decision-making process, through having a seat at UNHCR policy discussions.

- Outcome 1: Resilience of refugees and migrants in Cairo is enhanced through strengthening the institutional and operational capacities of 20 migrant CBOs.

- Outcome 2: CBOs form a network with a unified agenda and recognized status able to advocate for their community needs with major policy and decision makers, such as UNHCR.

- 3.

- Deliverables The external evaluation consultant will undertake the following tasks: A detailed work plan identifying all tasks associated with the evaluation Desk review of the project documentation and implementation systems Assessment of the first-year results against the outcomes and outputs of the project, including indicators Consult with the project beneficiaries, Community Outreach staff, other stakeholders about changes that could be made to improve current practice in the implementation area Produce a report outlining findings and recommendations to improve project development, implementation, and impact.

- StARS will provide to the consultant full access to all information related to the project and will introduce the consultant to CBO leaders (during field visits).

- StARS Community Outreach Program will provide the consultant with all appropriate support and advice in completing the above.

- 4.

- Duty Station The consultancy is based in St.

- Andrew’s Refugee Services situated in 38 July 26 Street, Downtown, Cairo, Egypt and in community centers around Cairo.

- 5.

- Supervision The consultant will work under the supervision of StARS’ Community Outreach Director and in close collaboration with StARS’ Executive Director and the Community Outreach Program.

- 6.

- Duration The consultant will be expected to work for 10 days between 8 January and 25 January 2020.

- This is expected to be divided as follows: Desk review of project and other materials as provided by StARS: 2 days; Field work at StARS and in refugee CBOs: 5 days; Drafting report: [removed] days; Finalization of report and response to feedback [removed] days.

- 7.

- Terms of Compensation The consultant will be remunerated with 40,000 Egyptian Pounds.

- and is responsible for the payment of VAT and any other taxes and dues.

- The consultant will receive payment upon submission of the final evaluation report.

- During the field visit, the consultant may spend a maximum of 600 Egyptian pounds per day on local travel in Cairo.

- No other compensation or costs will be paid aside from these two stated amounts.

- 8.

- Required Expertise and Qualifications Fluency in English Fluency in Arabic is desirable Relevant university degree and at least ten years of work experience in refugee or related field Thorough understanding of the situation of refugees in Greater Cairo including the legal and protection context as well as the services provided to refugees.

- Appreciation and understanding of the importance of community-based interventions Ability to understand multi-cultural context of StARS and the CBOs operations.

- Experience of working with refugees as colleagues within an organization engaged in delivering humanitarian assistance is highly desirable.

- Experience of delivering project evaluations (preferably of refugee assistance projects) is highly desirable.

- How to apply: 1.

- To Apply Please send a resume and a detailed covering letter addressing these ToRs and the required expertise and qualifications to [removed]
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